As omicron spreads need to change a mask medical expert warned


New Delhi: Corona virus in the country and the world (Coronavirus) Omicron variant of (Omicron Variant) is spreading rapidly. This variant has affected people of 100 countries so far. At the same time, in India too, the number of people infected with this variant has crossed 400. To avoid getting infected with this variant, health experts have given universal vaccine i.e. mask. (Mask) wear and social distancing (Social Distancing) urged to follow.

Speaking to CNN, US medical analyst Dr. Lian Wen said that cloth masks are only for facial decoration and are not effective in preventing virus infection. He said that to avoid this highly contagious variant, we need to wear a three-layered surgical mask. Although if you want, you can wear a mask made of cloth over it, but wearing only a cloth mask will not work. At the same time, another medical expert Irene Bromage said that, cloth masks can only filter large droplets of virus.

After its identification in South Africa in November, the Omicron variant has spread rapidly in many countries of the world. The Government of India has warned people if the rules of mask and social distancing are not followed in the country.

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In a recent press conference, Dr VK Paul, member of NITI Aayog (Health), had said that citizens in India are abandoning wearing masks, which can increase the risk of infection and this trend of people is completely unacceptable. He emphasized that both the vaccine and the mask are important weapons to prevent the corona epidemic.

So far, 430 cases of Omicron variants have been reported in India, in which 37 mutations have been found, which is the highest in comparison to other variants. Due to the presence of multiple mutations in this variant, it is believed that existing vaccines may not be very effective against it. Maharashtra, Delhi, Rajasthan and Gujarat have the highest number of Omicron patients in India.

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