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  • Many times, despite millions of efforts, they are not able to get home.
  • In astrology, some remedies have been given for the house.

The most important thing in the life of a person is considered to be bread, cloth and house. In such a situation, everyone dreams that at some point or the other, he should have his own home i.e. shelter in which he can spend comfortable moments with his family. But not everyone’s dream can be fulfilled. People spend years and years in a rented house but the dream of their house is not fulfilled due to many reasons.

If you are also dreaming of your house and there is some obstacle coming, then some astrological remedies can help in fulfilling your dream.

Let us know about the measures that can be taken to help fulfill the dream of buying and building your home.

1. If you are facing difficulties in building or buying a house, then make a small house made of neem wood and donate it to a poor child. If you want, you can also keep this small house in a temple. It is said that by doing this the possibilities of a new house are created soon.

2. On every Tuesday, white cow and its calf should be fed lentils and jaggery. This helps in fulfilling the dream of a new home.

3. Offer red colored flowers to Lord Ganesha regularly. In front of Lord Ganesha in your house or temple for 21 days, pray to Ganapati, wishing to fulfill the dream of your house.

4. Take an earthen pot and add milk, curd, ghee, sugar, sugar candy, camphor and honey to it. Take this pot in hand and chant Durga Navarna Mantra and on the same day bury the pot in the land near a river or pond near the house. There are beliefs that by doing this, there are chances of the house being built quickly.

5. Go to the temple near where you live, make a house with small stones and worship God there when it is complete. In this house made of stones, pray to God to buy your house. Your wishes of your home will become expected.

6. Prepare a nest somewhere nearby for the birds to live in and when the birds come to live in it, then water the grain. This creates the possibility of having your own home.

7. On five consecutive Tuesdays, go to the temple to worship Lord Ganesha and offer jaggery and wheat to him. With the blessings of Shri Ganesh ji, soon the possibility of your own home will start being created.

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