Big disclosure of Brendan Taylor, Indian businessman blackmailed him for spot-fixing after taking cocaine


Brendan Taylor Big disclosure of Indian businessman blackmailed him for spot-fixing after taking coc- India TV
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Brendan Taylor Big disclosure of Indian businessman blackmailed him for spot-fixing after taking cocaine

New Delhi. Former Zimbabwe captain Brendan Taylor on Monday accused the International Cricket Council (ICC) of being blackmailed into match-fixing after “stupidly” ingested cocaine during a meeting with an Indian businessman. Failure to do so may result in a ban of several years. Taylor admitted the mistake, claiming in a post on social media that he was invited by an Indian businessman to ‘sponsor’ him to India and discuss possible plans for a T20 tournament in Zimbabwe.

He did not reveal the name of the businessman but said that he was offered $15,000 in October 2019.

Taylor said, “We drank together and in the evening he offered me cocaine. He himself was also taking cocaine. I foolishly consumed it. After this incident, I have regretted a million times till now. I regret keeping a secret of how they used me that night.”

He continued, “The next morning they came again to my hotel room and showed me a video of me taking cocaine. He asked me to fix international matches for him or else he would make my video public.

Taylor said, “I was concerned about my safety. There were six people in my hotel room. I was caught in their clutches. I voluntarily got stuck in a situation that changed my life forever.

The 35-year-old played 205 ODIs, 34 Tests and 45 T20 Internationals before retiring last year. However, he is ready to face the consequences. They know that the ICC can ban them for not reporting the incident at that time. However, the ICC has not yet commented on the matter.

“That was a time when Zimbabwe cricket had not paid us salaries for six months and there were questions about whether Zimbabwe would continue to play at the international level,” he said.

He explained the reason for accepting the offer, “I was asked to fix the match by paying $15,000. I was told that I would get another $20,000 once the work was done. Keeping my safety in mind, I agreed to the offer at that time. I accepted the money so that I can get out of India safely.

He said, “I have never done anything wrong after that though. This incident had a deep impact on me and I went into depression. To overcome depression, I had to take strong medicines.

Taylor said, “I informed the ICC about this incident after four months to protect myself and the safety of my family.”

Shabbir Hussain Sheikhdam Khandavwala, the head of BCCI’s anti-corruption unit, told PTI, “If this incident happened in India, we would like to know the details and if they have spoken to the ICC, we will ask the global body about it.” ‘

“So far no one has contacted us in this matter, but we would like to know more about the issue,” he said.



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