Blanket for Elephant Cubs: Blanket for Elephant Cubs in Kaziranga


Kaziranga: In the freezing cold, wild animals are wrapped in blankets in Kaziranga National Park. Heater settlement has also been made Blankets for elephant cubs are being placed on the backs of elephant cubs – this image has now spread on social media (blankets for elephant cubs).

It is learned that blankets and heaters were provided by the Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation. “We are taking special care of rhinos and elephants with warm clothes,” said Shamsul Ali, a veterinarian at the Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation.

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Along with other wildlife, forest workers in Kaziranga National Park are currently keeping a close eye on nine elephant cubs, five horse cubs and one tiger cub. National park authorities say special attention has been paid to the feeding of the cubs Nutritious food is being given to the cubs to keep them physically strong Recently, the temperature in Kaziranga dropped to 10 degrees Celsius

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In addition to Kaziranga National Park, appropriate arrangements have been made at the Assam State Zoo. Heaters have been arranged to protect the wildlife from the cold Appropriate changes have been made in the diet According to the zoo authorities, heaters have been installed in the houses of tigers, lions and pythons Water temperature has been increased for turtles 100 watt light 8 has been installed in his cage Straw lining has been spread in the deer cage

Incubated arrangements have been made for the birds at the zoo If it gets colder, carpet leaves will be arranged in different cages

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