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#NewDelhi: The British killed thousands of terrifying wild animals! Parveen Kaswan, an official of the Indian Forest Department, recently released information on the number of animals that were killed in 1896 in British India. Presenting that information in a tweet, he wrote, “Staggering statistics! In 18 years alone, the British government officially killed 1569 tigers. See also Tiger Reservation. Animals are branded as ‘terrible’ and killed just for fun. ” From that document it is clear that most tigers are killed in Bengal, the number is 426! In Assam, 365 tigers were killed.

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Check out that tweet,

The data also includes the number of elephants, tigers, leopards and wolves killed. In that tweet, a Twitter user said, “According to Ronald Tilson, 60,000 tigers were hunted in this country between 185 and 1925. In India, there were 40,000 tigers in 1947, but that number has dwindled to 2,900.”

According to the Union Ministry of Environment, according to the 2017 census, the total number of tigers in the country at the moment is 296. When the census was taken in 2014, the number was 2226. Although small, this increase is promising.

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This country has 75% of the world’s tigers, courtesy of the Tiger Project! Tiger conservation has been emphasized in this country for a long time. A total of 19 states in the country receive separate funds for tiger conservation. There are currently a total of 51 tiger reserves in 18 states.

According to the National Tiger Conservation Authority, a total of 128 tigers died in the country last year, 2021. In 2020, the number was 108. Madhya Pradesh has the highest number of deaths. There were reports of death of 42 tigers. Then there is Maharashtra, the number is 26. Karnataka is in the third place.

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