BSF guns down Chinese made Pakistan drone in Punjab Ferozepur border

New Delhi. A drone has been recovered in the border area adjacent to India-Pakistan, which is made in China. In fact, in the Firozpur area of ​​Punjab, Border Security Force (BSF) personnel saw a suspicious drone while on duty (Detected and Downed a Drone), after which that drone was targeted and shot down. According to BSF sources, this drone was sighted at around 11.10 pm on Saturday late night and after that it was confiscated.

According to a BSF official, due to the vigilance and understanding of BSF’s Amarkot BOP personnel near the International Border Line in Ferozepur, this drone was shot down on sight and it was confiscated as soon as that drone fell on the ground. This drone was seen spying inside an area of ​​​​about 300 meters inside the Indian border from near the International Border Line, after which the BSF took action.

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It was told by the BSF that when that drone was searched, it was found that it is a Chinese-made drone, looking at the bar code on which it appears that this drone made for the Chinese army must have been used there. . This drone would have been supplied to Pakistan by the same company, that is why it would have been used by Pakistan’s army for spying inside India.

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At present, the BSF team is very cautiously engaged in investigation and patrolling around the location of the drone. After this incident, people involved in smuggling weapons including drugs in many ways are also being searched in that area inside India. Other items including the camera installed inside that drone are being checked very carefully by a technical expert officer of BSF.

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