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#NewDelhi: The Central Government (Govt Guidelines) has issued new guidelines, not sharing high level information and documents of the government in the private app. It has been said that smartphones and smart watches should not be used in meetings that discuss important and confidential decisions or issues. Officials have to leave it outside the room and attend the meeting.

Also apps like Amazon Echo, Apple Homepod, Google Home (Govt Guidelines) should not be used. Apps like Siri and Alex (Private App) and smartphones, smartwatches have been asked to be kept off during government meetings. This new guideline has been issued because many officers are working from home due to covid.

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Officials at the central government (Govt Guidelines) have been told not to use applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram to send important guidelines and information. The center’s argument is that the information is collected by various private apps. As a result, sending information using those apps means that important government information goes into the hands of private companies. Officials from the office, as well as video conferencing and home-based officials, have been sent messages to this effect from the top echelons of the central government, sources said.

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All ministries have been asked in special guidelines to abide by the new Govt Guidelines and take immediate action to stop sending information through the app. This special aspect of security has been asked to be examined while sending any important files, information or documents inside the government.

A top official of the central government said, “Officials often scan a particular document, send and store it using various private apps. There is a big risk in terms of national security. All the ministries have been told that important documents, When sending files, you need to make sure that this information is not compromised. “

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