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#NewDelhi: Coronavirus panic is still going on around the world. Corona’s new strain Omicron has given a new lease of life. From the very beginning, experts and physicians have said that there is no other way to fight this disease except coronation and vaccination. In this situation, the central government has launched a massive corona vaccination program in India. But children under the age of 12 have not yet been vaccinated against coronavirus (Children Covid 19 Vaccination). The panel on the Narendra Modi government’s immunization program (Children Covid 19 Vaccination) announced a major decision on coronary vaccination of children. They claim that there is no need for children to have corona vaccine at the moment (Children Covid 19 Vaccination).

Dr Joy Prakash Muliil, a physician at the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunity in India (NTAGI), told This information has also been given to the central government. The children are OK and we do not need to vaccinate children right now. ‘ NTAGI claims that there is no need to expedite the corona vaccination of children as there is no precedent for the death of children due to coronary heart disease.

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In an interview with, Dr. Joy Prakash Muliil, a physician at the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization in India (NTAGI), said, “No child under the age of 12 in India has died of coronary heart disease. We have documented deaths of children from cancer, leukemia and many other diseases. But Corona has nothing to do with them. Dr. Joy Prakash Muliil, a physician from the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization in India (NTAGI), is a professor at the Christian Medical College in Vellore and one of the best epidemiologists in the country.

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However, the central government has not yet announced whether children will be vaccinated against coronavirus. Last October, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandbia told senior officials that there was still no need to start corona vaccination for children quickly. NTAGI also wants to review the survey and statistics once again before informing the Center of their decision. Therefore, corona vaccination for children in India is currently considered uncertain.


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