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#Bengaluru: Karnataka Congress MLA KR Ramesh Kumar (Congress MLA Apologizes for Rape Comment) has apologized for his controversial remarks on rape. Standing in the Karnataka Assembly on Thursday, Ramesh Kumar said, “If rape is considered inevitable, it is better to enjoy it.”

On this day, however, Ramesh Kumar (KR Ramesh Kumar) said that he is quite sorry for his remarks I do not want to make any argument in favor of myself Because doing so increases the possibility of further mistakes

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Ramesh Kumar claims that he only went to give a conventional analogy It was not his intention to disrespect women or to downplay the crime The Congress MLA said, “I am sorry if any woman feels humiliated for my comments. I apologize unconditionally. ” During a session of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly on Thursday, Ramesh Kumar said, “When rape is inevitable, it is better to lie down and enjoy it!”

Flood-ravaged Karnataka was being discussed in the assembly on Thursday All the MLAs wanted to talk about the loss of their assembly constituencies As a result, the speaker got into trouble Because he wanted to finish the work of the session within the stipulated time of 6 pm But the legislators wanted the work of the session to be prolonged Because everyone has to highlight the problems of the people in their own assembly constituency

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Laughing at the situation, the principal said, “I am in a situation where it seems I am telling everyone to keep going. I enjoy the whole thing It seems that without trying to control anything, I tell you to continue your speech There are no rules, no rules. “

The speaker later said angrily that the work of the session was not going well That is the reason for his anger Ramesh Kumar, a former minister of state and Congress MLA, then stopped the principal and said, “Look, it is better to lie down and enjoy the rape when it is inevitable.” Your situation is the same. ‘ After that the debate started



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