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Noida: The trend of ordering food online has increased a lot during the Corona period Especially those who are infected with corona and live alone You can’t cook and eat at home For them, online food is the only hope Whether it is good or bad food or daily food like pulses-rice, vegetables But there are 7 pitfalls to ordering food from this online restaurant While eating at home, a couple noticed that there was a lizard in the food brought from a well-known restaurant!

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Seeing this, everyone was terrified It has not been done Everyone at home is sick I do not know what will happen in this situation without eating food including this lizard! In this situation they will go to the hospital or what That’s why the husband and wife consulted the doctor first on the phone He said that everyone at home ate this food And his sister got sick after eating this food The incident took place on January 14 in Noida

The couple did not have the opportunity to go to the hospital for treatment Because they are affected by corona The two of them vomited first on the phone as per the doctor’s advice And also take some medicine After that they feel a little healthy Complaints from Kaustav Kumar Sinha and his wife, Risha Sharma, to the online delivery company and to the police were of no avail. The restaurant also made it clear that there was nothing wrong with them They sent the right food After that, Kaustav shared a video of the food on Twitter There is a clear dead lizard floating in the food!

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