‘Decapold’ immersed in Madhaban teaches to make life easier!

#Mumbai: Netflix’s story selection meeting is underway. Madhavan and his colleagues (decoupled) are sitting in the meeting. The meeting is going on in the park of the luxury hotel. Suddenly the waiter appeared there. Sir, is the food okay? Everyone said yes, brother. Madhavan began to explain the script again, the waiter appeared again! Sir, do you need anything else? Where will Madhavan get angry? He kept looking at the waiter in surprise. In fact, when someone is in a discussion, if someone speaks in the middle, they are bound to lose their temper. Many of us read this kind of problem. But even if you want to say anything on the face, how many can!

But Madhavan managed in the ‘Decoupled’ series. A very annoying person. Whenever he can do or say anything. During such an airport security check, you can easily talk to the officer in charge. And for him, even if the flight stops, no tension. You can tell your wife, let’s go to dinner. Going there, he caused another incident. You can fall in love with the airhostess at the airport! You can suddenly recite mantras while entering the prayer room and doing exercises.

People with such rhythm are not found around us, not at all. But no one wants to reveal his true nature by removing the mask of politeness. And this is exactly the place where Madhavan’s character is decoupled.

The series ‘Decoupled’ starring Madhavan and Surveen Chawla has recently been released on Netflix. Many comments have already been made about this series. Viewers’ mixed reactions to this series, mixed with likes and dislikes. But if you look closely, you will understand that in ‘Decapold’, it is more a matter of feeling good.

After 12-14 years of marriage, the fire of love in most of the husband-wife relationship subsides. But we still do not accept it for fear of society. Many people have to go through Happy Kapal drama all their lives. But why can’t you break up a marriage easily and become a friend and take responsibility for the child, two grown-ups. Madhavan and Surveen got married in love. But over time the bitterness comes about. Yes, there is no daily quarrel. But there is a distance. Marriage is broken from that distance. And how to make a divorce sweet without spoiling the relationship, he says ‘Decoupled’!

Manu Joseph’s script is funny enough. The series has been well received under the direction of Hardik Mehta. No, there is no overnight change of type in this series (Decoupled). But life does not change in a hurry. Everything changes over time. So here too. The director has presented the difficult subject in the guise of comedy. Friendship is much sweeter than a broken marriage. Isn’t that so! This series is but smooth. In some places it has become quite. For example, Madhavan’s wife Surveen can’t even get close to other men. He is getting stuck somewhere. Meanwhile, Madhavan is also in a similar situation. But this kind of thing happens in the life of ordinary people. Sex does not come after a certain age and relationship.

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But the desire to change that is much bigger. ‘Decoupled’ is the story of being good even if it is changed. There is nothing to say about acting, because Madhavan is here. The rest is pretty good too. The sexuality of Surveen’s parents’ life, the tension in the relationship, has come to the fore in just a few dialogues. Even though everyone thought in their minds, they went back to work and there was a successful ‘decapold’. The director has used the writer Chetan Bhagat very carefully. Which is very funny. Mir has also performed well. However, after watching this series, whether you want to break up the marriage or not, you will want to be a straight snake like Madhavan. Not gender in particular, boys and girls are bound to be like that once or twice. Because inside our minds but such a reckless being sleeps at the same time. So watch ‘Decapold’ quickly without thinking and enjoy life.

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