Delhi Murder: ‘Stoneman’ in the capital! The whole country is terrified by the atrocities of the Delhi massacre

#NewDelhi: The shadow of Stone Man, which created panic in Kolkata, is in the capital Delhi. Sangam Bihar in South Delhi. CCTV footage showed several men hitting two young men with heavy stones and throwing one’s body into a drain.

The incident happened late Monday night. But recently CCTV footage of that heartbreaking incident has come to light. One of the victims was killed and the other was seriously injured. The victims were identified as Pankaj and Jatin. Both are said to be working in a courier company.

CCTV footage showed Pankaj and Jatin being followed by five men from behind and two from the front. One fainted with the injury and the other tried to get up. They were hit with heavy stones and then their bodies were dumped in the sewers.

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He was returning home from a friend’s birthday party around 2pm on Monday. At that time, they are stuck in the path of whatever they are asked to give. Although Pankaj had nothing, they snatched 3,000 rupees from Jatin. With the help of Jatin’s brother, Pankaj took Jatin home. They were admitted to AIIMS Trauma Care on Monday morning. Jatin died on Wednesday. A case has been registered under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code.

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Twelve people were killed in that month. The whole city trembled with fear. Police estimate that he was killed by hitting him on the head with a very heavy stone. Seeing the type of head injuries, the police had the idea that the stones were thrown from quite high and hit them on the head. Also the stones weighed about 30-35 kg. However, the Kolkata police never caught the killer. This Stoneman also made the first attack in Mumbai. By July of this year, the Stone Man panic re-emerged on BK Pal Avenue in Kolkata.

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