E-Shram Portal: 22 crore workers have registered so far, see how to register


#NewDelhi: The number of workers associated with the e-labor portal has been steadily increasing According to the Ministry of Labor, the number of registrations on the e-shram portal has crossed 22 crore. Workers who wish to register on this website can do so online or offline (Know how to register in e-Shram Portal).

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The e-labor card that is available after the registration of the Prime Minister’s Security Insurance Scheme (PMSBY) will be valid in the whole country. The scheme was launched in August last year Its main purpose was to provide government benefits to workers working in the unorganized sector

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How to register online?

– Go to eshram.gov.in website and login

– Click on the ‘Register on e-SHRAM’ link on the homepage

– Aadhaar linked mobile number and captcha code must be given 6 Then click on OTP

– Follow the instructions to complete the registration process

– If any worker does not have a mobile number associated with Aadhaar, he should go to the nearest Common Service Center

– You can register through biometric verification

How to register offline?

For offline registration, you can go to the Digital Service Center of the Common Service Center, State Service Center, Labor Facilitation Center or certain Post Offices.

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The e-Labor portal will issue 12-digit Universal Account Numbers (UANs) and e-Labor cards for about 360 million workers in the unorganized sector, which will be valid across the country. Millions of workers in the unorganized sector are going to get a new identity because of this It will be much easier to track expatriate workers Data and information about workers can be found through it all Workers will be divided into different categories on the basis of work and as such they will be able to avail various government schemes.

The country has for the first time introduced a system that will link workers directly with the central government. It has been learned that workers registered on e-labor portal will be given insurance of Rs 2 lakh. If a worker is the victim of an accident, dies or becomes completely disabled, then Rs. 2 lakhs will be paid as insurance. In case of partial disability in case of accident, 1 lakh rupees will be paid as insurance.

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