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Store ripe bananas like this

Banana is a fruit that everyone likes to eat. The best part with this is that it is full of nutrients. Also, in terms of taste, it is liked by people of all ages. That’s why people definitely include it in their daily diet. But the problem arises when they have to be stored at home for a few days.

Actually, bananas spoil very quickly and start turning black and rotting. To get rid of this problem, many people buy raw bananas. But after ripening such bananas do not look tasty. If you are also facing some such problems, then today we will tell you some ways with the help of which you can store ripe bananas not for two or three days but for a week. Know what to keep in mind while storing ripe bananas.

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How to Store Bananas

wrap the stalk

Whenever you buy bananas from the market, first wrap the stalk on the top of the banana with plastic or paper. By doing this, the bananas will not spoil as quickly and they will last for a week.

hang in the hangar
You can also hang a ripe banana in a hanger to store it for a long time. You will find banana hangers in the market. By doing this the bananas will not spoil quickly.

use vitamin pills
You can also use vitamin C tablets to prevent bananas from spoiling quickly. For this, just dissolve the vitamin C tablet in a glass of water. Then soak the banana in it. This will prevent the bananas from rotting quickly.

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use wax paper
To keep the banana fresh for a long time, you can also wrap it with wax paper. By doing this it will not get spoiled for a long time.

soda water
You can also store bananas with soda water. For this, mix a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and soak the banana in it for a while. After that store it at room temperature. By this the bananas will not spoil for a week.

keep at room temp
To prevent the banana from spoiling, never keep it in the fridge or hot place. Always keep them at normal temperature.

keep with citrus fruits
Citric acid is found in citrus fruits. By soaking bananas in the juice of these fruits, they will neither spoil quickly nor turn black.

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