Examination during Covid19 pandemic: These tips are very important to understand the exam syllabus and get good marks in Coronadale!


#NewDelhi: Coronavirus infection has profoundly affected the lives of each of us. Over the past two years or so, we have relied on various benefits, such as online study and work from home (education system) to prevent coronary heart disease. In the last two years, besides board exams, many entrance and competitive exams have also been canceled. But with the new security rules of 2022, the preparation for conducting examinations has also been amended. (How to take preparations for examination during Covid19 pandemic)

The year 2022 has started with exams. Offline testing with Corona protocol is finally being conducted successfully. All arrangements are being made in all the examination centers to take care of the health of the examinees as well as others present. Many of those who will take part in various exams this year are taking offline exams for the first time or taking offline exams after a long time. So here are some special tips for students or examinees who are feeling nervous about taking the exam offline due to online study. If these are followed, it is possible to be included in the merit list in any exam.

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Understand the syllabus and start

Most students do not pay attention to the syllabus while preparing for their exams. In this context, it is good to know that before starting all kinds of exam preparation, its syllabus should be well understood. In this way a clear picture is formed in the mind.

Making your own notes is the right thing to do Self-generated notes prove to be very effective during exam preparation and syllabus revision. The study should be continued till the last moment with the help of this self note. Also, the sample question papers of the last few years of the exam should be scrutinized.

Solving last year’s question paper

Teachers always advise all students to solve old year question papers. This makes it easier to understand the type of test and the type of question. Similarly, various mock tests also help students or job prospects a lot.

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Memorization is the worst practice

No test syllabus should ever be memorized. No reading is memorized, but it creates confusion in the mind.

Candidates can get good marks in any exam if they can adhere to the above mentioned issues.

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