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#Mumbai: Many Bollywood stars have battled cancer, some of whom are now living well. Although we have already lost some stars like Irrfan Khan, Rishi Kapoor. This time another actress has been diagnosed with cancer, she is Hamsa Nandini.

This list of Bollywood is quite old, from Mumtaj to Manisha Koirala, Sonali Benre, Sanjay Dutt, Kamaal R. Khan, Rakesh Roshan. Rakesh Roshan) The list is not over. But the good news is that each of them has overcome this deadly disease and is now living a healthy life. This time there is news of another actress who is battling with the terrible disease of breast cancer.

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Hamsa Nandini, a well-known actress in the southern film industry, broke the news by sharing a photo on her social media account. Although he was shocked by the news, he did not weaken, but reported the news on social media with great confidence.

“I don’t think about what life has given me, no matter how difficult it may seem, I don’t want to lose,” Hamsa wrote in an Instagram post. I will move forward with courage and faith. “

According to Humsar, he also lost his mother to cancer. “One morning just 6 months ago, I felt a lump in my chest. At that time, the old scene in front of me was spinning like a reel of film. At first I was asked to do a test called BRCA because I was more likely to have hereditary cancer. My mother also fought cancer for a long time. “

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Making others aware of cancer

The actress said, “I want to encourage people to identify, understand and deal with this disease in a timely manner. I want to create a family where accurate information can be provided on such matters and where people can overcome their fears in conversation. I especially want to work with women who are not aware of themselves. I understand how deadly this disease is and how many more women have died from this disease before me. “

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