Feluda: Feluda will appear in Devpuri in 2022! ‘Hatyapuri’ is coming by the hand of Sandeep Roy!


#Kolkata: Feluda is coming. Feluda’s new story will be released in 2022 under the direction of Sandeep Roy. But this time Feluda is staying in Topse. Jatayu is coming. Fifty years later, Bathali’s tension with Bengali detective Feluda has not abated. Feluda came to the screen long ago from the pages of the book. His arrival came at the hands of Satyajit Ray himself. But now the ultimate popular ‘Felu Mittir’ is also on the OTT platform. SVF has announced a brand new Feluda movie as a ‘Christmas gift’ for Feluda lovers at Christmas.

The poster was launched today on social media (Feluda). The excitement is at the sight of Feluda’s poster. Based on the story of Satyajit Ray, Feluda is coming holding the hand of director Sandeep Roy. In the world of cinema, Sandeep Roy is no less a fan. The film is being produced by Srikant Mehta and Mahendra Soni. Mahendra Soni himself announced Feluda on Twitter.

However, it is not yet known who Sandeep Roy’s Feluda is. Many names are coming in the list. Abir Chattopadhyay as Feluda, Yeshu Sengupta, Tota Roychowdhury and many others are suitable for this role. These actors have already proved their skills as detectives. However, a completely new face can be seen in this character. The story of ‘Hatyapuri’ will come up on the screen this time holding the hand of Sandeep Roy.

According to this famous novel Feluda written by Satyajit Ray, the screenplay was written by (Feluda) Sandeep Roy. The background is pure. While on holiday, they will find the body of an unknown person on the beach of Puri. And Feluda will find a new mystery centering on that corpse. Get involved in the investigation. One true event after another will continue to come to the fore. As the search for truth progresses, the case begins to take a mysterious turn. Feluda himself is attacked in this story. Feluda will be able to catch the killer in the end by removing the lies and mysteries! That’s why the story goes on. But Felu never loses Mitti. The killer is bound to be caught. However, it remains to be seen how Sandeep Roy will break the context and plot of the story.

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