garun puran saying man who abandoned his wife became chakva in next life patni ka chhorne wala agle janam me banta hai chakva


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  • In Garuna Purana, the fruit is explained on the basis of karma.
  • For the one who behaves cruelly with the wife, the fruits have been told.

The Garun Purana, based on the hypothesis of the next birth, has great importance in Hinduism. It is said that the Garun Purana has been composed on the teachings given by Lord Vishnu in response to the questions asked by the bird king Garun. The Garun Purana gives a detailed explanation of what a person will be born as in the next life on the basis of the deeds done in this birth. When someone dies in the house, Garun Path is usually done.

Garuda Purana: People who do this become crows in the next life, do you not do this?

Similarly, a lot has been written on the relationship of man and woman in Garun Purana. For example, what does a person who misbehaves with his wife become in the next life?

The Garun Purana states that a husband who abandons his wife by making false accusations on her selfishness or for any other reason becomes a Chakravak vehicle in the next life. It is said that the voice of this bird is very hoarse and it stays with the female bird throughout the day but they get separated at night.

Kalidas has described Chakva Chakvi in ​​his Viraha composition, how Chakva suffers the pain of staying away from his Chakvi due to his old deeds.

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