Gas Cylinder in Ration: Great News! Cooking gas will match the ration! When to start?


#NewDelhi: This time cooking gas will be included in the ration. LPG cylinders weighing five kilograms will be distributed. If all goes well, customers will get cooking gas at a subsidized price from next March. This was demanded by Vishwambhar Basu, General Secretary, All India Fair Price Dealers Federation, after a meeting with the Union Food Secretary on Friday.

The organization claims that this will benefit the customers as well as the ration dealers financially. Vishwambhar claimed that the central government has promised to increase the commission of ration dealers. However, the commission of ration dealers will increase in the next financial year. After receiving this assurance from the Union Food Minister, this movement of ration dealers is suspending all movements till the Union Budget.

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This time 5 kg LPG cylinder will be available from the ration shop. Soon these 5 kg gas cylinders will be available at subsidized prices from ration shops. In this regard, Bishwambhar Basu said, “Earlier it was introduced by the central government but it was given at a higher price. From now on, it will be available at subsidized price.” Vishwambhar Basu also demanded an increase in the commission of ration dealers.

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However, Vishwambhar Babu said that he has received assurance from the Center that it will be increased in the next financial year and not in the current financial year. It is to be noted that the All India Fair Price Dealers Federation is approaching the central government in Delhi to demand the introduction of ration system in the whole country. In West Bengal, just as Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has ensured a ration system and food for all, rations for all, the general secretary of the organization, Vishwambhar Basu, has demanded that the same be introduced across the country.

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