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#NewDelhi: Covid vaccination to survive the Corona epidemic is in full swing in the country. The statistics of how many vaccines the people of India are getting every day are being conveyed to the ears of the citizens, on the social media of the citizens. However, in the meantime, gender inequality has become evident! More than 156 crore doses of first, second and booster vaccines have been given across the country, according to the central government. But Indian women are also lagging behind in this vaccination. According to the data available till January 18, the gap between the vaccination of men and women in metropolitan areas is quite noticeable. However, the exception is West Bengal!

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According to a report in the Indian Express, as of January 18, 1.1 billion men had been vaccinated in Mumbai (Covid Vaccination). Where the number of women is 7.98 lakh. There are 694 females per thousand males. Even in the last census, the sex ratio of this metropolis was 632. The immunization ratio is much lower.

According to the report, the situation is somewhat similar in the capital Delhi. In Delhi, 1.22 crore women have been vaccinated in the last one year, compared to 1.64 crore men. That is 742 females per thousand males. According to the last census, Delhi’s sex ratio is 7

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In India, 954 females per 1,000 males, or more than 156 crore, have been vaccinated (Covid Vaccination), according to the government.

Of the 36 states and union territories, only nine – Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Kerala, Orissa, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal – have been vaccinated more, the Indian Express report said.

According to the Uttar Pradesh government, 23.75 crore vaccines have been given across the state. Covid Vaccination is the highest in India. There, too, men received 12.16 crore doses, while the number for women was 11.41 crore

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