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#Kolkata: In February this year, Neel Bhattacharya and Trina Saha, the popular duo of Bengali serials, tied the knot. ‘Trinil’ had a royal reception party on Valentine’s Day, seeing Valentine’s Day! Blue-grass family full of laughter-happiness-joy. This year was Neel’s first son-in-law. The mother-in-law ate basanti polao, fish fry, fish kalia, vhetki fish paturi, mutton, mango chutney and rabari. Trina’s mother gave Neel a mobile phone as a gift, and Neel gave her a sari of her choice. This time at the end of the year, Trina Saha alias ‘Kharakuto’ heard the good news. She is the mother!

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The mother is Trina, but not in reality, on the TV screen. New guests are coming soon in the life of Trina and courtesy in Star Jalsa’s ‘Kharakuto’ serial. This is an indication of the new promo of the serial!

Recently, a promo of the popular Bengali serial ‘Kharakuto’ has been posted on social media on behalf of Star Jalsa. It is seen that on the night before Christmas, the other members of the house are entering the house and leaving Santa Claus’s clothes in the house. Patka, Jethai, Putu PC were also gifts for Babin. But when he entered the house, he did not see Babin muttering, instead he saw that Babin had left a present on the bed for him. What is that gift? A little doll, with a note. It says ‘Little Gungun’. What does Gungun Crazy mean? Although the audience did not understand the simple humming, they understood the hint of courtesy. Gungun is going to be a mother.

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A few days ago, the serial was seen humming in the mountains and the hot romance of his ‘crazy’! The Gungun-courtesy family is on holiday in Darjeeling. Gungun has gone for a walk in the mountains with Jathai, Patka and Mishti. The Darjeeling special episode of ‘Kharakuto’ was frozen like Darjeeling tea after a temporary break in the unrest that had been raging for a month. Courtesy did not leave any opportunity to caress his wife on the hilly road.


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