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#Ahmedabad: You are not greater than death I am bigger than death … the expectation of immortality, who doesn’t have it But you know that life is mortal “Born to die, who is immortal, where and when?” But the guru? What is the matter! Guru said he is immortal (Guru said he is immortal ৷) Is that really so? Doubt arose in the mind of the disciple There was also the belief that the guru’s words would not be false But he could not avoid curiosity 7 killed the priest Gurudev But no, he did not really get the gift of immortality! Maybe he didn’t even know that Or did you know?

Gujarat (Gujarat) Chosala village in Bhavnagar (Chosala village in Bhavnagar) 6 There is a Hanuman temple in the middle of the small village For a long time the servant there was a guru, the chief priest (The head priest) worships with the mind and believes that he is “greater than death.” He claimed that he had done all the austerities and obeyed the rules There is nothing wrong with his pursuit He somehow threw a challenge to the fans “I am immortal (Guru said he is immortal), attack me, I will have nothing”. Following this order from the Main Priest, his disciples attacked with weapons The bloody priest was then looting. Disciple 6 went to Tajjab forest How is this possible? Knowing that the priest was dead, the disciples threw his body into a well.

Guru proved that he is not immortal, the disciple killed him - News18 Bangla

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According to the police report, his disciple is a resident of the same village The man, identified as Nitin Kurji Vanodiya, killed the priest with a sharp weapon and dumped his body in a well. When the priest’s brother lodged a complaint with the police, the police filed a case against Nitin Kurji Vanodiya. After Kurzi’s arrest, police produced him in court and demanded a three-day police remand. The court remanded him in police custody for one day. The elder brother of the priest, Praveenbhai Dhirubhai Adania, has filed a case against Nitin Kurji under Section 302 of the IPC and Section 135 of the GP Act at Dhasa Police Station.

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Who was this priest? Rameshbhai Dheerubhai Adaniya became a monk 15 years ago. Born in Umrala village 6 After taking sannyasa, Ramdasji took the name of Guru Mohandasji Kathia. However, he was not completely divided Despite being a monk, he occasionally visited his family. Nitin Kurji Vanodia 7 has been a devoted disciple of Mahanta for the last 6 years Serving him as a faithful disciple. He also helped the dead priest with various personal and secret matters.

Earlier, another such incident had taken place in Kalmad village of Kamuli taluk. An old man killed a temple priest. Before entering the temple, there was a problem with taking off the shoes The priest had to give his life This time the incident is a little different

Kadambini desperately proved that she did not die And Guru Mohandas realized with his soul that no one is immortal In the guise of religion, whoever falls in love, the blind man kills and only dies …

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