Health expert claims covid 19 omicron variant is milder than delta – less lethal than delta Omicron, Dr. Belle


New Delhi: corona virus (Coronavirus) Omicron variant of (Omicron Variant) Delta variants in terms of severity (Delta Variant) Less lethal than . A doctor who is treating patients infected with Omicron variants in Delhi has said this. The doctor of Fortis Hospital in Delhi told news agency ANI that patients suffering from Omicron have seen mild symptoms and some of these people have not yet developed fever.

In this hospital, two doctors are treating patients infected with Omicron, they talked to ANI about this. Dr Manoj Sharma said that in terms of severity, in general, the Omicron variant is less lethal than the delta variant. We have seen some patients who have not developed more severe symptoms, they only complain of cold and those patients have not even got fever. However, these are common symptoms of Omicron variants in the early stages.

Most patients infected with Omicron do not even have symptoms.

Dr Manoj Sharma said that the data received from all over the world shows that Omicron variant is not more lethal in case of serious diseases. Although it rapidly infects people. For the time being, we would like to know what would be the fatal symptoms of this variant. At the same time, this variant can cause trouble for elderly people and people already suffering from any serious disease. However, it is not yet known whether people infected with Omicron will need oxygen or may become seriously ill.

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The medical director of LNJP Hospital said that, if anyone has fever, we are giving them paracetamol tablets. We have so far treated 34 patients infected with the Omicron variant and most of them did not show symptoms. One patient had mild fever, while another patient complained of headache. Apart from this, the rest of the patients had symptoms like cold and cold. We gave normal treatment to all these patients and none of them required steroids, oxygen or anti-viral.

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