How To Check My Airtel Number? USSD Code, Phone Number, App to Get Your Number and Latest Airtel Offers

How to check my airtel number: It really takes a lot of time to remember your new mobile number. Do you know what is the worst thing during this period is? Someone asks for our number and we don’t know it. If you are going to search for it on your SIM Card cover, then leave it. It is going to be only a time waste? The Airtel mobile numbers are not being mentioned there on it. Let us know how to check your airtel phone number or mobile number through these simple and easy to do process mentioned below.

Previously it was but as the technology is advancing rapidly, users are now free to choose their preferred mobile number just with the help of a mobile app. Moreover, it is not always possible for everyone to carry on their SIM Card cover always along with them. It’s the worst idea by the way.

So, it gets quite necessary for a person who knows about the technique that can help them in extracting out their Airtel mobile number conveniently.

Whether you don’t have yet remembered your new Airtel mobile number or you have somehow forgotten it, if you are willing to know it, this guide will provide you with a perfect solution. We are here with some solutions that will make this task extremely easy for you.

How To Check My Airtel Mobile Number?

After reading this article you will never ask again how to check my airtel number. Through these methods, you can easily find your own Airtel mobile number without any issues.

Here are the to-do options to check your Airtel number:

  • Use USSD Code *282#
  • Use USSD Code*121*1#
  • Call 121 or 198 from your Airtel SIM
  • Use MyAirtel App

How To Check Airtel Number on My Phone

Solution 1: Use USSD Code *282#
Finding out your Airtel mobile number is not a big deal. You just need to be well aware of a few techniques. The simpler one is with the help of USSD code *282#. To process this technique, the things you have to do in the series are:

• Insert your Airtel SIM card in your mobile phone.
• Once done, now activate it to start accessing it further.
• On the completion of the above process successfully, you next have to open up the phone dialer app and then dial the USSD code: *282# into it.
• Next, you have to tap on the call button to proceed further with the process.
• A flash message will be displayed on your mobile phone screen. It will include your Airtel mobile number along with a message saying, “Hi, Your Mobile no. is: “_________”.
• We often forgot the new number, right? So, we would prefer you here to note down this number to ensure effortless future usage.

Solution 2: Use USSD Code*121*1#
You can also get access over your Airtel mobile number just by using another USSD code as well. The solution is much similar to the previous one. The only difference that lies here is another code. The things you have to process here are:

• Insert your Airtel SIM into your mobile phone and once done, you next have to activate it to initiate the process further. Once done with the above process, next open up your dialer app and once done, use USSD code *121*1# and then tap on the call button to proceed with the process further.
• A flash message will be immediately flash up in the mobile screen that will include a special offer for you. Just tap on the OK button to avail yourself it,
• Once done, you will receive another flash message immediately and that will include your Airtel mobile number.
• You can simply check your mobile number or can note it down as per your preferences.

Solution 3: Use USSD Code 121 or 198
You can also know your Airtel mobile number by using USSD Codes 121 or 198.

• You simply have to dial in the USSD codes 121 or 198 and once done, the calls will take you to Airtel Customer Support.
• Once done you will be asked to add some input. Simply click on 1 to access “Mobile Services”.
• A voice note from IRV will be received on your phone and that will tell different
details related to your Airtel SIM such as your mobile number, data balance, balance, and validity of your balance.

Solution 4: Use MyAirtel App – MyAirtel App has made different tasks much easier now. You can now easily get to know about your Airtel Mobile number and can perform other different tasks such as bill payments, bookings, and much more through this app.

To know about your Airtel Mobile
number through the MyAirtel app, the things you have to do are:

• Download MyAirtel App from your Google Play Store or App Store.
• Once done now move forward to the home page of the MyAirtel App.
• You can get to know about different details related to your Airtel SIM here such as your Airtel number, data balance, plans of your SIM, etc.

How To Check My Airtel Number Validity Online Through MyAirtel App / Airtel Thanks App

Source: Play Store
  1. You can just download and open the MyAirtel app through Google Play Store or Apple App Store and login via your own Airtel number and use the OTP (One-Time Password) to directly visit the dashboard section of MyAirtel app. If you are going to download the app from other sources (such as Mi app market, Realme app market) then make sure that you have downloaded the latest version.
  2. On beginning the MyAirtel app, you will probably find your prepaid balance (if you have the prepaid SIM card) indicated under the MyAirtel section on the app.
  3. Hitting on your account will bring up options like your account balance, data balance, recharge history and exclusive offers.
  4. Through the same app, you will be able to see the several timely recharges and obviously, you will get the detailed lists of existing plans on offer which will contain the validity duration.

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