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#Singapore: How many things do not happen in the world, which is to be surprised to know News agency According to the Daily Star, a man in Singapore invited his 47-year-old friend to rape his wife! Although this shocking incident took place in 2016, the case is still pending in the Supreme Court of Singapore. According to reports, his office colleague had a close friendship with the man from Singapore. They have worked together in that office before. As a result, they have a very close relationship. But the friendship between them is so deep that the man invites his friend to rape his wife (Viral News).

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The man who goes to rape a friend’s wife –

According to reports, the man first drugged his wife and made her drink heavily. As a result, the man’s wife fainted. After that, the man took off his wife’s clothes and laid her in a room. The man then called his friend home. According to a friend, he reached home to rape his wife. In the room next to the house where the woman was lying unconscious, she had three children and a woman caring for them.

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Body problems –

The woman’s husband was present in the house watching. His friend was having an affair with his wife in front of him. But his friend could not rape his wife. Because his body was in trouble, so he could do nothing. The man had problems with erectile dysfunction, so he could not rape his friend’s wife. The woman regains consciousness and realizes what she is trying to do. The woman filed a complaint against her husband and her husband’s friend. The person is then examined and diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. This is why she could not rape. But both men were sentenced to three years in prison for trying to rape and torture the woman. Although this case is still ongoing.

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