Jagdeep Dhankhar Meets Amit Shah: Why Governor to Amit Shah after Kolkata Fruit? Trinamool looking for frustration and failure!

#NewDelhi: Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar arrived in Delhi the day after the results of the Kolkata municipal elections were announced. Union Home Minister Amit Shah went to his residence and met him in the morning. With which the noise has started in the state politics. There are various speculations going on. The governor (Jagdeep Dhankhar Meets Amit Shah) did not open his mouth about the meeting with Amit Shah. He tweeted a picture of the meeting with the Union Home Minister.

But does the debate stop? Veteran Trinamool leader Saugat Roy reacted to the Amit Shah-Jagdeep Dhankar meeting on Wednesday. He said, “The governor is a frustrated and failed politician. His term is coming to an end. So now he is coming to Delhi for talks to stay for some more time. He is making statements like the state BJP president. It is a shame.”

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Taking the governor by the hand, the veteran Trinamool leader further said, “Before this, Kesharinath Tripathi was the governor. He was much more BJP than the present governor. This governor was in Chandrasekhar’s party earlier. He later jumped into the BJP. We have repeatedly told him to keep his dignity. But he does not listen. “

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On the other hand, after the BJP lost the entire election, former state BJP president Dilip Ghosh said there was no conducive environment for elections in the state. There is no democracy. Opponents were not allowed to vote. Asked about this, the veteran Trinamool leader said, “Dilip Ghosh is younger than us. He contested his first election in 2016. I have been a member of Lok Sabha since 198. It doesn’t matter if he says anything. The reason is that he is the ousted BJP president.” “It is sad if one incident happened. But it did not happen in 144 wards. There was a state election commission. He is not a grassroots person.” Regarding the BJP’s allegations of violence, Saugat Roy countered, “Those who have lost are the ones who are losing. The excuse is theirs. Dilip Ghosh has been campaigning for five days. His influence has not been felt. He has won only three seats. He has to explain.” “

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