Kolkata Durga Puja || Kolkata’s Durgapujo recognized by UNESCO, number of tourists to increase in state, traders hope

#Kolkata: UNESCO’s recognition will increase the number of foreign tourists in the state in the coming days. So happy with the recognition of UNESCO. It is already clear that the look of Kolkata on the Pujo map is going to change next year. As a result, from the time of Christmas festival, several pujo kartas have started salting the work of Durga Pujo festival next year. And since then, the smiles of the tourism businessmen have been wide

Shaswat Basu, general secretary of Forum for Durgotsab, said, “The state tourism department started offering stalls in different mandapas three years ago. Many people used to go there and do various research. Kundu Special is one of the names in the tourism business of the state. The name of Kundu comes up first when it comes to Bengali travel. Soumitra Kundu, the director of the Kundu Special, said, “We have been saying for a long time that a field like Pujo should be used for further expansion. Now, Pujo has been recognized worldwide.

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The tourism industry in particular has been hit hard in recent times. The Chief Minister has already expressed his happiness over the recognition of UNESCO. State Tourism Minister Indranil Sen said, “It was a long dream of the Chief Minister. It has come true today. Hopefully we will reap the benefits.”

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Devjit Dutt, a tourism expert in the state, says, “Every place has its own culture. There is a tradition attached to it. Durga Pujo is such a big festival with people from different walks of life. So people from all over the world take advantage of this opportunity I have to bring it. ” Nilanjan Basu, head of the Tourism Association of Bengal, said, “The number of foreign tourists has been increasing in the last few years. It looks like it will go down this time.”



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