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Mutual Fund Investment: Technology-based Mutual Fund Investment Scheme has given a hefty return in the last one year. Investors who have invested in the Technology Fund have got almost 100 percent return. This type of fund has attracted more investors.

Return to Technology Fund

The Technology Mutual Fund (Technology Fund) scheme has given a return of about 95 percent in the last one year. By investing in this technology mutual fund, investors have got about 45 percent return in the last 3 years. In the last five years, the technology mutual fund scheme has given a return of about 35 percent. If one has invested Rs 1 lakh in the Technology Opportunities Fund of State Bank of India 1 year ago, he will now get a return of around Rs 1.72 lakh. Similarly, a SIP scheme of Rs 10,000 per month would have fetched about Rs 1.84 lakh. If one had invested Rs 1 lakh in this scheme 3 years ago, he would now get a return of around Rs 2.75 lakh. Similarly, the SIP scheme started 3 years ago could now fetch around Rs 8.44 lakh.

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Express ratio

Technology Fund’s regular plan charges 2 to 2.48 percent. But in the direct option the ratio is less than 0.5 to 1 percent.

Expert opinion

Investors need to choose the right scheme before investing in any scheme. There are several basic things that investors need to keep in mind when choosing the right scheme. It is better to invest in quality schemes than to invest in different types of schemes. The scheme should be chosen keeping in view their needs, time and risk taking ability. If one does not want to take too much risk, he should invest in Flexi Cap Fund. Again large cap funds can be invested to reduce the risk.

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What investors should do

Registered Investment Advisor does not recommend new and regular investors (Mutual Fund Investment) to invest in sectoral based funds. Such schemes should be invested by those who are skilled in entering and exiting the sector and are well versed in the ups and downs of the sector. Regular investors should invest in Flexi Cap Scheme.



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