Mystery solved of Lucknow family allegedly missing in Jammu and Kashmir. Mystery solved of Lucknow family missing in Jammu and Kashmir


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Mystery solved of Lucknow family allegedly missing in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu: Jammu and Kashmir A shocking revelation has come to light on Wednesday about the alleged disappearance of the Lucknow family during their visit. Earlier reports said that three members of a family from Lucknow (Mahmood Ali Khan, his wife Darshan and their son Chavez) went missing in Ramban district while they were on their way from Jammu to Srinagar.

Police sources said that according to Salim Khan, brother-in-law of Mahmood Ali Khan, “all the three members were murdered by elder son Sarfaraz Khan on January 5, the day they were going to Jammu by train. After disposing of their bodies, they hatch a plan to mislead relatives and the police. He visited Jammu and Kashmir on the morning of January 14 and messaged through WhatsApp from his father’s mobile phone, in which he identified himself as his younger brother Chavez and said that he was stuck on the highway due to a landslide.

“He also posted some pictures of the highway,” the sources said. The details of the case came to light after the J&K Police in Lucknow traced the phone that was used to send WhatsApp messages. Police said that Sarfaraz had killed his father, mother and brother in Lucknow itself. On January 6, the slit body of a youth was found on Mall Road, Lucknow in Itaunja area. Police could not identify the body. After this, the throats of two more bodies were found slit in Malihabad area of ​​Lucknow.

Police in Lucknow were able to identify the trio after photographs of three men allegedly missing in Jammu and Kashmir’s Ramban area were published. Later investigation revealed that he was murdered by the eldest son of the family, Sarfaraz. Sarfaraz has been taken into custody.

Police said other contacts of Sarfaraz are also being questioned. The motive for the horrific crime is not yet known.

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