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#Kolkata: The number of Omicron attacks in India is increasing day by day. Although a little slower than some other parts of the world, the new threat is called Omicron Infection Risk. More than 300 cases have already been reported in the country, so the Center and the states are increasing the importance of healthcare (Omicron Infection Risk) just like the delta infection. Is Omicron more contagious than Delta, more frightening than Delta? Although a definitive answer to this question has not yet been found, experts (Omicron Infection Risk) are forbidding to take Omicron lightly. The death toll has risen sharply in South Africa and Europe.

According to Ian Lipkin, one of the world’s most popular health and virus experts, there is no way to take Omicron lightly. The third wave of the country’s corona is likely to come on top of this omikron. According to experts, those who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus, and those who have not yet been vaccinated against coronavirus, are more likely to be infected with Omicron. This omikron is more likely to be infected than any other major disease. However, even if the corona is vaccinated, someone can be infected with Omicron. In that case much more tax rules have to be complied with.

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The whole world is shaking with the terror of the new strain of coronavirus Omicron. In India too, the number of Omicron attacks is increasing every day amid fears of a third wave of corona. On top of that, the country is in the mood for New Year holidays and festivals. Although Delhi has banned all festivals, there is no such guideline in Bengal. On the contrary, the government has eased night curfews and restrictions from the big day to the English New Year’s Day. In this case, the use of masks must be observed in compliance with the rules of corona.

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In the wake of the Omicron panic, however, experts say that cotton or cloth masks, which can be washed and reused, are unable to protect them from the Omicron’s clutches. Trish Greenhall, a professor of primary health care at the University of Oxford, claims: ‘It’s going to be either too good or too bad. It depends on the type of fabric being used in the mask. Experts claim that two-layer or three-layer masks, which contain a mixture of multiple fabrics, are much more effective in preventing omikron. But at the moment, the market is full of thin cloth fashion mask, which will not be of any use.

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