Omicron Variant: Can Delta and Omicron combine to make a super strain! Expert Gives Big Warning

New Delhi, In countries around the world, the risk of new variants of Corona, Omicron Variant, is increasing continuously. Amidst the new threat of Corona, the warning issued by the Chief Medical Officer of Moderna, Dr. Paul Burt, has increased the concern of all countries. Burton has issued a warning saying that if a patient infects an Omicron and a delta mutant strain at the same time, then a new super variant of the coronavirus may emerge. Burton said that corona infection usually involves only one mutation strain, while in rare cases more than one strain can attack a patient at the same time. If these two strains also infect the same cell, they can exchange DNA and may be able to assemble to form a new variant of the virus. He said that if such a new variant comes out then it can be very dangerous.

Moderna’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Paul Burton, warned that given the way cases of corona infection are increasing in Britain, the chances of getting delta and omicron variants of corono appear to be increasing. He said that in view of the speed with which the number of corona infected patients has increased in Britain, there is a need to be cautious from now on. Scientists doing research on coronavirus have said that such cases come up only in rare circumstances. So far, three new strains of corona have been reported due to the exchange of genes of corona.

Scientists said that in this way, in rare cases, the virus itself mutates and forms a new variant. Viruses generally rely on random mutations to create new variants. He told that only two weeks after Omicron’s case was first reported in Britain, only two weeks later, an Omicron patient had appeared in London. Experts have warned that in view of the rapidly increasing threat of Omicron, it can be said that the situation will be dire in the new year.

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The new corona variant will be more dangerous and powerful
Talking to the Science and Technology Committee, Dr Paul Burton, Chief Medical Officer, Moderna, said that if the Delta and Omicron variants together form a new variant, it will be more dangerous and more powerful than any Corona variant that came before. Dr Burton told the House of Commons that the two variants circulating at the same time increased their risk of swapping genes and creating a terrifying new variant in a lethal pair.

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