Open Account In This Scheme Your Wife Will Get Rs 44793 Every Month

Government Scheme: If your wife is a home maker and you want her to become financially self-sufficient in future, then a central government scheme can help you. Through this scheme, your wife can earn around Rs 44,793 per month.

The name of this scheme is NPS. This is a kind of pension plan, so whatever your earnings will be after the age of 60, that is, you will continue to get regular income every month.

It is also very easy to invest
Money can be deposited in this scheme every month or annually. The special thing is that even with only Rs 1,000, you can open an NPS account in the name of your wife. The NPS account matures at the age of 60. Under the new rules, if you want, you can run the NPS account till the age of the wife is 65 years.

In this way, you will get a pension of up to 45 thousand rupees
If your wife is 30 years old and you invest Rs 5000 every month in her NPS account. If he gets 10 per cent annual return on investment, then at the age of 60, he will have a total of Rs 1.12 crore in his account. They will get about 45 lakh rupees out of this. Apart from this, they will start getting pension around Rs 45,000 every month. The most important thing is that they will continue to get this pension for life.

Know how much return you get
The guaranteed percentage of return after investing in this scheme is not fixed, but if we look at the record so far, investors can get returns of about 10 to 11 percent.

Who can invest in the scheme,
Talking about the eligibility for this scheme, any Indian citizen of 18-65 years can open an account. An individual can open only one NPS account. This cannot be a joint account.

Account can be opened in two ways
You can open two types of accounts under this scheme. The first in this is Tier-1 Option- Whatever money will be deposited in Tier-1 account cannot be withdrawn ahead of time. You can withdraw money only when you are out of the scheme.

To open a Tier-2 account, you must be a Tier I account holder. You can deposit or withdraw money as per your wish. It is not mandatory for everyone to open this account.


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