Pakistan Prime Minister Imran khan on nuclear war with india

Lahore. with India Nuclear War but of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan (Pakistan PM Imran khan) Has given a great response. Imran has said that if India conducts air strikes on Pakistan, it will be answered with the same aggression. In a special conversation with news channel Al-Jazeera, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said, if India conducts air strikes on Pakistan, it will be answered with the same aggressive attitude as was given in February 2019. During this, Imran Khan called the ruling government of India a fascist. Imran said, “As she has done before, I am afraid that the two nuclear powers will come face to face and the consequences will be dire, only a fanatical mind can think so.”

Responding to the issue of Jammu and Kashmir Imran Khan on Jammu Kashmir Said, we have raised the issue of Kashmir from Security Council of USA to Forum of Islamic Countries, but all Muslim countries have their personal relations with India so we cannot expect much from them. But it is the duty of Pakistan and we will continue to raise the voice of the people of Kashmir.

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Who is responsible for Pakistan’s economic crisis?
During this, when Imran Khan was questioned about Pakistan’s economic crisis, he said, Pakistan was rich in resources, but Bhutto and Sharif family took advantage of it. Our government wants to make Pakistan a prosperous country and we are fighting against two very rich families.

Imran Khan alleged that both the families were working to establish their dynasty and are responsible for the present problem facing the country.

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