Rashmika Mandanna gets trolled: What did Rashmika Mandana wear at the airport? Extremely trolled for obscenity


Mumbai: Photographers lurk with the airport look of Bollywood stars. Everyone is curious to know who is going where and what is going after. And just how much fashion quotation or style statement is captured on their clothes also becomes a topic of discussion. If all this had happened before, all would have been suppressed by whispers and humming. But now a powerful weapon has come into the hands of powerful social media. And his name is Troll. The celebrity has been stabbed with that weapon, Rashmika Mandanna is the daughter of tomorrow.

Suddenly his words or why? Because recently he has faced horrible trolls for his airport look. A few days ago, Rashmika went to the airport. He was wearing an oversized sweatshirt and denim shorts. What did you wear at all? Yes, netizens have expressed doubts here. Because that short was so short that it could not be seen with the naked eye. The legs were flip flops, a lilac colored hat on the head and a black mask. However, even though there was no question about it, his denim shorts looked bad. Many people want to know what the heroine really wore it!

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Rhythm time is going pretty well now. Unlike Allu Arjun, Pushpa The Rise has been a super duper hit. So did the unexpected success turn the head? For which he gave up the feeling of minimum decency? Honestly, even famous Bollywood actresses think ten times before wearing such clothes. And Rashmika started her career that day.

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After this video of Rashmika spread on Instagram, various comments started coming. A netizen writes that the ray does not feel cold? Another commented that he had probably forgotten to wear pants.

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Rashmika has made a name for herself as a good actress. Therefore, some netizens think that he does not need to be the center of attraction after wearing such clothes.

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