Republic Day 2022 Under the Central Vista Project the Rajpath will look more beautiful than before. Republic Day: ‘Char-moon’ will be installed on the Central Vista Project Rajpath, a special view will be seen



  • People coming to see the parade will now get to see new footpaths on the Rajpath instead of the red sand path.
  • People participating in the parade will now see the sign board changed.
  • Parking facility has been increased

New Delhi: Republic Day will be celebrated across the country on 26 January. People coming to watch the Republic Day parade in the national capital will get to see the new look of Rajpath this time as the work on the government’s ambitious Central Vista project is progressing at a brisk pace. The work of redevelopment of Rajpath was going on under the Central Vista project, due to which this year on the occasion of Republic Day, Rajpath will look more beautiful than before. However, people coming to watch the parade will now get to see new footpaths in place of the red sand path on the Rajpath, as 94,600 meters of walkable roads have been made.

Also 422 new stone benches have been installed and 16 bridges will now be built on the canals flowing beside the Rajpath. At present, some temporary bridges have also been built in view of the parade. People participating in the Republic Day parade will now see the sign boards changed. 114 modern sign boards have been installed on the Rajpath. At the same time, 133 beautiful light pillars will also be seen, due to which the Rajpath will look many more beautiful than before.

More than 900 lighthouses have been put up along the Rajpath between Rashtrapati Bhavan and India Gate for the tourists and the general public to walk. Under the Central Vista Project, new Parliament buildings and many new residential complexes are to be constructed in the country. On the occasion of Republic Day, visitors will see photographs of anonymous freedom fighters along the Rajpath, which have been prepared by over 500 artists. These pictures have been prepared in 10 scrolls of 75 meters. Earlier, Union Housing and Urban Affairs Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, while talking to the media, also shared the information under this project.

He had told, despite the corona epidemic, almost all the work of this project has been completed. At the same time, 25 trees were removed during the construction work of the project, 22 trees have been shifted to another place and three have been planted here. There will also be a terraced garden for tourists where people can come and sit, he added. At the same time, greenery has been increased more, under this a total of 4087 trees will be included.

Apart from this, the parking facility has been increased and now 50 buses and 1,000 vehicles can be accommodated at the same time. The avenue will now also have four underpasses. At the same time, a total of 162 dustbins will also be kept, for which the structure has been prepared with stones. Stone benches have also been made for people to sit. Along with this, all arrangements have been made for water drainage and electric wires during the rains. 880 electric manholes and 611 manholes have been made.

According to the information, the work of the Central Vista Project is going on in a total of 85.3 hectares. In the Central Vista Project, along with the Parliament House, the residence of the Prime Minister and the Vice President is also being constructed. Indeed, the Central Vista revival project announced in September 2019 envisages a new triangular parliament building with a seating capacity of 900 to 1,200 MPs. However, at the beginning of this project, the central government had to face criticism from the opposition.

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