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#Mumbai: The monkeys are taking revenge in a filmy manner. Yes, such a strange thing has been heard recently. A group of monkeys have already killed several puppies in one village. The villagers say that they are doing this to get revenge (Monkeys killing puppies). The beginning of the incident is like this, the first monkey baby in that village was killed by a few dogs. After that, the group of monkeys (Viral News) is selectively killing the puppies in a filmy manner.

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The incident in Bid district of Maharashtra has caused quite a stir in the country. Many were shocked to hear of the monkey’s revenge. In that village, dogs killed a baby monkey last month. After that the monkeys started killing the puppies one by one to get revenge. In the last one month, monkeys have killed about two and a half hundred puppies from high places. The depth of the incident is slowly increasing, why not now they have started attacking even small children.

The villagers have been in panic in this village for the last one month. Whenever they see a puppy, the monkeys pick it up and throw it down from a high place. It is said that in the last one month, monkeys have killed about two and a half hundred puppies in this way. The village of Lavul is located about 10 km from Majalgaon. In this village of about five thousand people, puppies are no longer seen. The villagers approached the forest department to catch the monkeys. However, the forest department staff could not catch any monkeys.

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The villagers say that the monkeys are doing this to get revenge. After the failure of the forest department, the villagers tried their best to save the dogs in fear of the monkeys. But doing so is creating more problems. After reaching the roof of the high house, the monkeys are also attacking the villagers. A few villagers were also injured when the monkey fell from a height.

In the last one month, most of the puppies in the village have been killed by monkeys. The village now has a handful of puppies. In such a situation, monkeys have started targeting children. The incidence of such attacks, especially on school-going children, is increasing day by day. Naturally, this is the reason why there is only panic in the whole village now.


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