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#Kolkata: Popular film director Tapan Sinha, who came out of the traditional love and affection and turned Bengali cinema into a pictorial and human emotion-filled art. In addition to directing, a very popular song ‘Mann Bale Ami Moner Kotha Jaani Na’ was released on Riddhi Bandyopadhyay’s official YouTube channel with the words and tunes to highlight and pay homage to another artist. Riddhi and Tanushree are incredibly happy to be associated with such a work.

Riddhi said, “I first met Tapan Sinha at Gorky Sadan to see a picture of him. I have always been a fan of his genius. A book on Sinha’s life will be published, and his music collection and notation of songs will be done by me and my husband, Dr. Devjit Bandyopadhyay. Going back to that source.

He further said, “I asked in words, why his name was written on the title card of the music of the first film. Answering this question, he said that where Rabindranath, Atul Prasad’s songs, their names as lyricists, I do not deserve to have my name pronounced with them. I was fascinated by his use. What is ordinary but what is extraordinary is extraordinary. This is how a true artist is. His songs are my favorite. I sing a lot of these songs. “Abul Chakraborty has arranged the music for this song.


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