Russian S-400 Air Defense Missile SystemIndian Air Force Buys It For Rs.3500 Cr Range Of 400 Kms


New Delhi: In view of the dangers of airstrikes, India has deployed its first air defense system in Punjab. The Indian Air Force (IAF) has deployed the first squadron of the S-400 air defense missile system received from Russia in Punjab, ANI reported based on government sources.

According to sources, this decision has been taken in view of the threats of airstrikes from both China and Pakistan. Parts of the Russian missile system had started reaching India earlier this month and the unit is expected to be operationalized in the next few weeks, they said.

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“The first squadron is being deployed in the Punjab sector. The batteries of the first squadron would be capable of taking care of aerial threats from both Pakistan and China,” government sources told ANI.

What are the features of S-400

  • India has bought 5 squadrons of the S-400 air defense system from Russia for Rs 35000 crore.
  • It can destroy threats at 400 kilometers in the air. The delivery of the first squadron will be completed by the end of this year.
  • According to sources, the equipment is being brought to India by air and sea route.
  • Sources said that after the deployment of the first squadron, the Air Force will focus on the northeastern border and provide training to military personnel across the country.
  • Indian Air Force officers and employees have been trained on this system in Russia. This air defense system will give India an edge over South Asian countries and will be able to destroy enemy aircraft and cruise missiles at 400 km in the air.
  • The S-400 missile defense system consists of 4 different missiles, which can destroy enemy ships, ballistic missiles, AWACS ships at 400 km, 250 km, medium-range 120 km and short range of 40 km.
  • According to sources, India has been able to reduce the price of the S-400 by billions of dollars due to tight negotiations.



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