Sara Ali Khan danced with Ranbir Singh


#Mumbai: Sara ali khan He is the newest Turkish in Ballitown. Sara set foot in Bollywood with Sushant Singh Rajput. He has taken place in everyone’s mind from the first film ‘Kedarnath’. He is the first child of Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan. He has won the hearts of all by acting throughout. The movie ‘Atrangi Re’ will be released soon. Sara has already teamed up with many people. He has also acted opposite Ranbir Singh.

Dhanush and Akshay Kumar will be seen with Sara in ‘Atarangi Re’. Speculation has already started in the net world about whether Sara’s hero Akshay Kumar or Dhanush is Dhanush. But if you want to know, you have to wait a few more days. A song of this film ‘Chakachak’ has already made a noise in the net world. After a long time, AR Rahman has composed music for this film. And Rahman means the song is a super hit. Proof of that is the song ‘Chakachak’. This song has already won the hearts of people.

Sara is a very restless person. Before he started acting, he weighed 98 kg. He loves to eat and sleep. But that Sarai has lost her weight and is now a sexy Bollywood heroine. It is difficult to take your eyes off his dance and acting. But it is heard that Sara or Ranbir Singh has fallen in love.

Ranbir Singh (Sara Ali Khan-Ranveer Singh) is one of the most talented actors in Bollywood. Who doesn’t know the love story of Ranbir and Deepika! About where to enter Sara. Because Deepika is madly in love with Ranbir. Ranbir Singh doesn’t look anyone in the eye except Deepika. But what does love with Sarah mean?

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It was found that Sara was going to various places for promotion of her film ‘Atarangi Re’ (Sara Ali Khan-Ranveer Singh). She has already done publicity by dancing to the song ‘Chakachak’ with Madhuri Dixit. He danced with Ranbir Singh in the song ‘Chakachak’ to promote this film. Ranveer Singh hugged Sara. Seeing their dance, netizens have started saying that they want to see Sara on screen again with Ranbir. And after watching this video, rumors are spread about the love between Sara and Ranbir.

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Sara Ali Khan likes Ranbir Singh a lot as an actor. And everyone likes Sara’s childishness. They have an affectionate relationship, not love. For now, this dance of Ranbir and Sara is going viral (Sara Ali Khan-Ranveer Singh) on social media. Sara herself shared the video on her Instagram handle.



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