See How Easily You Can Setup Adsense Page Level Ads on Your Blogger Blog

Adsense and Affiliate Marketing are probably the best monetization programs for bloggers. But, Profiting with Google AdSense needs a famous site (I mean high traffic site) with high CPC keywords on it and visually appealing positions for the advertisement banners.
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Setup Page Level Ads on Blogger

Currently, more than 50% users consume digital content on their mobile devices. That’s why Google AdSense has recently introduced Page Level Ads for mobile optimized websites

If you are using blogger platform then you can also setup AdSense Page Level Ads easilyDon’t panic! I’m not going to tell you to edit your blogger template. Instead, I will tell you an easy method. However, let’s dive into it.
What is Adsense Page Level Ads?
Page Level Ads are the new and innovative method for you to monetize your mobile traffic. Page Level Ads provide a good user experience. Why? Because Adsense will show page level ads when they are probably going to perform their best. 
AdSense always help their publishers by giving them innovative and easy solutions. Now let’s see the types of Adsense Page Level Ads.
Types of Adsense Page Level Ads
There are two types of Page Level Ads – 
1. Anchor/Overlay Ads: Anchor/Overlay ads will show at the bottom of a page. A user can easily dismiss those sticky ads in a single click. So, Anchor/Overlay ads don’t depreciate user experience.
2. Vignette Ads: Vignette is another type of page level ads. Let’s start talking about it. The Vignette ad is shown when anyone clicks on a particular link and before the following page is displayed. It is also known as “Interstitial Ads“.
The Key Features of Page Level Ads
• Page Level Ads are easy to set up. You just need to put the ad code on each page of your website.
• AdSense shows those ads at optimal times to provide a good user experience.
• Adsense does not allow sticky ads but page level ads don’t break this policy.
• You can on or off it at any time directly from AdSense control panel. Plus, you can select any one from these two types of ads.
• AdSense doesn’t consider Page Level Ads as an “advertisement” while assessing your site with AdSense’s valuable inventory policy.
Does Adsense Page Level Ads Really Increase Revenue?
Page level ads can slightly boost your revenue but make sure that you have a mobile-optimized website. Thomas Maier stated in this post that it increased the mobile ad income by 400%. I personally tested page level ads and found that Vignette/Interstitial ad to be more effective than Anchor/Overlay ad. But I recommend you use both to check which is working best for your site. Simply, check your performance reports thoroughly by visiting your AdSense account.
Easily Setup AdSense Page Level Ads on Your Blogger Blog
It is damn easy to setup Page Level Ads on your Blogger blog. You don’t need to edit your Blogger template. Follow these simple steps to setup Page Level Ads on your blog.
1. First of all, login to your AdSense account.
2. Click on the navigation panel which is on the left side and click “My ads“.
3. Now click on “Content” –> “Page Level Ads“.
4. Choose your ad format and click “Get Code” to generate your unique ad code. Copy it.
5. Go to and login to your account.
6. Select your preferred blog if you have more than one blog.
7. Click on “Layout” –> “Add a Gadget” –> “HTML/Java Script
8. In the content section, paste the ad code (you don’t have to write any title) and save it.
9. Now click on “Save arrangements” button. That’s it. You have successfully added page level ads on your Blogger blog.

Wrapping It Up
AdSense Page Level ads can slightly boost your overall AdSense earnings. In my case, I only get some clicks on Vignette ads but you can try Overlay ads too. I think most people click on the Vignette ads. Why? Simply, because Vignette ads are full-screen ads that show up between page stacks on your site.
Have you implemented Adsense Page Level Ads on your Blogger blog? Are page level ads helping you to increase your overall AdSense earnings? 
If you are facing any issues, do let me know in the comment section below and also if you like this post, do share it on FBTwitter and Google+ and help your friends understand page level ads better.

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