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New Delhi: The panic of the new variant of Coronavirus, Omicron (Covid-19 New Variant), is spreading rapidly all over the world. Due to this new variant, there has been a rapid jump in the cases of Kovid-19 in many countries. The effect of Omicron Cases has started showing in India too. A total of 12 states of the country are currently affected by Omicron, while so far 147 cases of Omicron in India have been reported in the country. Amidst the growing infection of Omicron, now the demand for booster dose of Kovid 19 Vaccine has also started rising in the country.

A member of the committee set up by the Center to monitor Kovid-19 said that the vaccine recently approved for emergency use by the WHO is based on Covovax Booster Dose. There is a better option for those who have got the Kovishield vaccine.

Significantly, after Omicron’s cases increased, many countries have approved booster doses. In countries like Germany, now even children are being vaccinated to protect them from infection. Experts believe that the number of people taking Kovishield vaccine in India is very high and Kovovax has been made by the same company that has prepared Kovishield. Meanwhile, research is also going on regarding two different doses of the vaccine i.e. mix and match shots.

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what booster shots are needed
One of the biggest questions about booster shots is what is the need for it. According to experts, the biggest reason for taking a booster dose is that the other variants of Kovid are more infectious and the body’s ability to fight infection is less. Experts believe that the antibodies from any vaccine normally protect us from the virus effectively for 6-8 months, but with the passage of time the antibodies weaken and the risk of infection increases. Statistics from the World Health Organization show that antibodies to some vaccines persist for at least 6 months, which clearly means that the antibodies become neutralized over time.

The WHO says a booster is a dose given to people who have completed a primary vaccination series – the goal behind a booster is to “restore the effectiveness of the vaccine.

At the same time, some experts said that due to the new variant of Kovid being more infectious, the booster dose is also very important. Whatever data has come out about Omicron so far, it shows that it can also affect people who have taken the vaccine, so it is very important to have strong antibodies to avoid its infection. The World Health Organization has also said that vaccines are only used to prevent hospitalization, serious illness and mortality. A booster dose may be given only if there is sufficient evidence that vaccines do not provide adequate protection.

At present, no plan has been made by the Government of India regarding the booster dose in any way. At this time, the government is focusing on vaccinating more and more people completely. Many experts have also said earlier that there is no need for booster doses in India right now.

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