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#Yumtham: Due to heavy and continuous snowfall, the Sikkim Snowfall Update on Sunday banned tourist vehicles from plying up to Changu Lake. The Sikkim administration did not issue the permit on Sunday. Permits have not been issued till Yumtham. Many tourists are still stuck in the river (Sikkim Snowfall Update). It is learned that 1200 tourists are trapped. However, the tourists are safely trapped in the army barracks, there is no news of danger, according to administrative sources (Sikkim Snowfall Update).

It has been snowing in Sikkim for the last few days. Especially in North Sikkim. Lachen, not Thula, is still snowing in Changu. It also snowed in Lachen on Friday night. The snowstorm lasted for many nights. Due to the snowfall, the administration has banned the movement of tourists till Thula on Saturday. And so the tourists drive up to Changu with tourists.

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But on Saturday, there was heavy snowfall in Changu. Due to which the traffic was disrupted. Due to the snowfall, a thick sheet of snow a few meters wide fell on the road. As a result, many tourist-laden cars are stuck! According to Sikkim administration sources, 285 tourist vehicles got stuck in Changu. About 400 people were rescued yesterday and kept in various army camps.

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On the other hand, the cold in Kolkata has decreased a lot. The Alipore Meteorological Department has forecast that the temperature will rise in the next few days due to the north wind blowing due to the western storm. As a result, although there is a hint of winter at the end of the year, there is no possibility of bone-chilling cold at present. If the storm leaves, there is a possibility of cold wind blowing in the north.

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