Sushmita Sen’s break up rumors with boyfriend Rohman Shawl | Sushmita Sen breaks up with boyfriend Rohman Shawl


Sush missing from Rohman's timeline

Sush missing from Rohman’s timeline

At the same time, Sushmita Sen has also been missing from Rohman Shawl’s Instagram timeline. While Instagram cannot be a way to confirm a relationship, in the age of social media where celebrities are sharing their personal lives through Instagram, it becomes imperative to take a look at the Instagram timeline. Especially when Sushmita Sen first confirmed her relationship with Rohman through Instagram.

15 years younger Rohman

15 years younger Rohman

Rohman Shawl is 15 years younger than Sushmita Sen. When the two started dating, Sushmita Sen was 44 and Rohman was only 29. Because of this, both were trolled a lot. But both of them slowly won the hearts of the fans with their chemistry and proved that age does not play much role in mutual understanding of relationships. Rohman and Sushmita were quite comfortable with each other which was clearly visible on their social media posts as well.

Sushmita - Rohman used to live together

Sushmita – Rohman used to live together

Sushmita and Rohman Shawl live in a live-in relationship. Rohman and Sushmita were each other’s support system and both often share their videos and pictures with fans while working out together. Both are very much in love with fitness. Rohman supported Sushmita a lot for her comeback and helped her to get fit.

There have been rumors of breakup in the past too.

There have been rumors of breakup in the past too.

However, this is not the first time that rumors of Sushmita Sen and Rohman Shawl’s breakup have cropped up. This has happened many times before. Especially when Sushmita took to her Instagram to share sayings related to heartbreak and breakup. But then later Rohman put a fullstop on all these rumours by becoming a part of Sushmita Sen’s Instagram Live.

Rumors of marriage too

Rumors of marriage too

Rumors of Rohman and Sushmita’s marriage also often arose in the gossip street. Once, a fan asked Sushmita Sen this question in her Instagram live itself. Rohman was also with Sushmita Sen during this time and Sushmita put this question on Rohman. Rohman also said without delay that whenever Sushmita says yes. However, in another interview, on the question of marriage, Rohman said that he and Sushmita already live like a family and Sushmita’s two daughters Rene and Alisa consider him father.

Story started with Instagram DM

Story started with Instagram DM

The story of Sushmita Sen and Rohman started with an Instagram DM. Sushmita told in an interview that one day she was in a bad mood after breaking the glass and she was scrolling Instagram. During this, Rohman’s Direct Message was opened by mistake. In this message, Rohman had said some genuine things from the heart for Sushmita, which Sushmita liked very much and after that the friendship between the two started.

Sushmita's family lived together

Sushmita’s family lived together

Rohman Shawl lived as a family with Sushmita Sen and her two daughters. The entire family was often seen talking to the fans together in their Instagram live and there is great chemistry and understanding between everyone. Fans are quite disappointed with the news of Sushmita and Rohman’s separation. Sharing a picture of Rohman on her Instagram, Sushmita Sen wrote – This relationship started with friendship and we are still friends. Our love continues but our relationship ended long ago.


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