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# Jaffna: There are many hobbies of kite flying. There is a tradition of flying kites in many places on special days. In many places, Kite Flying Competition is held at different times. Although almost everyone has seen kites flying in the sky, they have not seen people have to fly along with kites. This is not a funny thing, it really happened in a place where there was a kite flying competition. The video of that incident has gone viral on social media. The viral video shows a man flying high with his kite.

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The person flying with the kite

It is believed that the viral video was from Jaffna, Sri Lanka. There was a kite flying competition going on. There a man was trying to fly a big kite with the help of his team. Then the big kite started flying in the sky. The big kite started flying as soon as it got wind. At that time everyone was surprised to see that incident. The big kite starts to rise with the wind and blows that person away too. That person flies in the sky with the kite. As soon as he saw it, he climbed 30 feet with the kite. Everyone present was shocked to see it. They do not understand what to do. After climbing 30 feet with a big kite, the condition of that person also became disoriented in a normal way.

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He saved his life by jumping

When the man who flew with the big dragon thought it was impossible for him to get down, he let go of his hand from the thread of the dragon and fell straight to the ground. The man was slightly injured when he came straight to the ground from above. According to local reports, the man wanted to win the kite competition by flying a big kite. For that the man was trying to fly a huge kite with his team. After getting the wind, the big kite started flying and in a blink of an eye it went up a lot. The kite flew away as the man was holding the kite’s thread. The incident happened so suddenly that the man climbed 30 feet before he understood anything. It didn’t take long for such bone-chilling videos to go viral on social media as usual.

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