The price of gas is going to increase once again from Wednesday.


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The price of gas is going to increase once again from Wednesday.

More expensive cooking gas. The price of gas is going to increase once again from Wednesday. The price is going to increase by about 100 rupees in one push. Which is out of control of the middle class. It is known that the new price is 103 rupees 50 paise. However, the price is rising on commercial gas.

More expensive gas to catch fire in the kitchen

The new price, which has been increased since December 1, is effective on commercial gas. No, as this price is effective, the price of unsubsidized 19 kg cylinder is increasing by Tk 2,018.

19 kg cylinders are used for multiple commercial purposes. This gas is used in multiple places including hotels. As the price of gas rises again, there will be a fire in the public kitchen. Prices of all other items, including hotel food, are expected to rise.

However, the news of relief did not increase the price of 14 kg new cooking cylinder. The price of a 14.2 kg domestic cooking gas cylinder is Rs 928. As a result, this decision is considered to be a relief for the common man. However, the price of gas rises mainly at the beginning of the month. As a result, it is not possible to say anything specific about the price that will not increase on Wednesday. However, it is possible that the price is not rising.

Note that the price of commercial gas increased at the beginning of this month. The price of a cylinder goes up by Rs. The price of a 19 kg cooking gas cylinder has gone up by Rs 2,000.50. At the end of the month, once again the price of commercial gas.

On the other hand, according to economic traders, the price of cooking gas may rise in a few more days in the future. Because the price of gas is increasing along with the fuel in the world market. India has to import gas just as it has to import most of the petrol-diesel in demand.

As a result, the effect of rising prices in the world market is going to fall on the common people this time. Fear of increase in gas prices in a few phases.

Thus, the Modi government is facing the cannon of the opposition due to the increase in gas prices. A few days ago, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi targeted the Modi government. He complained that millions of people were being forced to cook in ovens because of rising cooking gas prices. He quipped that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of development has come to a halt here.

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