There are going to be several big changes in the new year, the impact is going to fall on the pockets of the common people


#NewDelhi: There are going to be several big changes in the new year which are going to have an effect on your life The rules that will change from next month include banking, debit and credit cards, and the price of LPG cylinders. What rules are going to change from January 1, 2022? Take a look …..

1. Credit card rules are about to change ….

Do you also use credit and debit cards? Then know that the rules of online card payment are going to change from January This decision has been taken keeping in mind the security of debit and credit cards The Reserve Bank is going to implement this rule from January 1, 2022 To further secure RBI online payments, all websites and payment gateways have been asked to use encrypted tokens to remove and transact customer data stored there.

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2. You have to pay more for withdrawing money from ATM ….

From January 1, 2022, more charges will have to be paid for withdrawing money from ATMs According to the new rules of RBI, more charges will be levied for ATM transaction limit (ATM transaction limit). It has been decided to increase the ATM charge of all banks up to 5 percent from January 1 In other words, from now on, if you withdraw more than the specified limit, you will have to pay Tk 21 per transaction In addition to this, GST has to be paid separately At present you have to pay 20 rupees which will be increased to 21 rupees from January

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3. This post office rule will change ….

According to India Post (IPPB), the charge for withdrawal or deposit from branch has been revised from 1 January. Under the new rules, IPPB account holders will be charged extra if they transact money after the prescribed free limit. India Post Payments Bank is a division 8 of the Indian Postal Department

4. Google’s rules for multiple apps will change ….

From next month, Google is going to change more than one rule, the effect of which is going to be read directly in your pocket The new rules will apply to all Google services such as Google Ad, YouTube, Google Play Store and other services. If you use RuPay, American Express or Diners Card, your card details will not be saved by Google. From January 1, card details will have to be given in every manual payment

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5. Price of LPG cylinder ….

The price of gas cylinder is issued on the first day of every month Now it remains to be seen whether the price of gas will be increased or reduced on January 1.

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