There is no school in the village, this old lady donated land worth 1 crore taka


# Karnataka: That was a long time ago. Huchchamma Chowdri came to Kunikeri Villege Karnataka, a small village at the edge of Haveri district of Karnataka, after marrying as a teenager. Kunikeri Basappa Chaudhary and Huchchamma, both husband and wife worked together on village land (Karnataka Ajji). Childless. It has been 30 years since Basappa died. And Huchchamma? This seventy-five year old woman wrote her story differently. Huchchamma donated her 2 acres of land. In order to build a school for the young children of the village (Karnataka Ajji donates land worth 1 crore).

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Huchchamma was left completely alone after her husband’s death. He could have worked on his own land but his life was not spent. Some time ago, Hutchamma came to know that the Karnataka government was looking for land to build schools for village children. In order to ensure the education of the children of the village, this old lady donates half of her 2 acres of land to the government (Old lady donates land for school). Shortly afterwards, he saw the government looking for another place near the school where a children’s playground could be built. Huchchamma (Karnataka Ajji) also donated the last one of his life’s wealth, the remaining one acre of land.

Huchchamma is currently working at the same school, cooking mid-day meals for the children. Wages on someone else’s land when school is closed. “I did not give birth to any child myself. But all these kids call me Ajji (Grandma) (Karnataka Ajji). 300 kids eat here every day, it feels good to be able to feed them. What will happen with the birth of one or two children when only 300 people can be called their own children! ” Said Huchchamma.

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According to the villagers, the amount of land donated by Huchchamma (Karnataka Ajji donates land worth 1 crore) is currently at a market value of at least one crore rupees. Did Huchchamma know about so much money at all? When asked, the bright old woman said, “I need food to feed my stomach, which I get. What do I do with the money? The kids will remember me forever. Don’t keep? That’s a lot. “

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