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#NewDelhi: Rajya Sabha Trinamool MP Derek O’Brien has been suspended from the winter session for the rest of this year. Allegations against Derek that he threw the rulebook at the upper house chairperson (TMC MP Derek O’Brien Suspended). Opposition groups called for the suspension of 12 lawmakers during the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday. TMC MP Derek O’Brien Suspended

The Rajya Sabha on Tuesday erupted over the electoral reform bill. Opponents started rioting. Demonstrations began to show. Opposition MPs then walked out. Allegedly, Derek O’Brien threw the rulebook in the middle of the discussion. After that he was suspended by the Rajya Sabha chairman.

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After the suspension, Derek wrote on Twitter, “The last time I was suspended from the Rajya Sabha was when the government wanted to impose agricultural laws. We’ve all seen the results. This time I was suspended while the BJP was making fun of the parliament and trying to impose the election law. I hope this bill will be canceled soon.

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This is the second time in the current session that opposition MPs have been suspended from the Rajya Sabha. Earlier, on the first day of the winter session, Congress leaders Phulan Devi Netam, Chhaya Verma, R Bora, Rajamani Patel, Syed Nasir Hussain, Akhilesh Prasad Singh, Shiv Sena’s Priyanka Chaturvedi, Anil Desai, Trinamool for the remainder of the current session. Its Elamaram Karim and CPI’s Binoy Bishwam– these 12 MPs were suspended. This measure was taken for breach of discipline in the Badal session of the Rajya Sabha.


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