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#NewDelhi: Trinamool Rajya Sabha leaders Derek O’Brien suspended for the rest of the winter session

. He has been suspended for alleged misconduct in the Rajya Sabha. As a result, a total of three Trinamool MPs have been suspended from the Rajya Sabha (TMC MP Derek O’Brien Suspended).

In the current winter session, 13 MPs were suspended for chanting against the Center. Union Law Minister Kiran Rijiju introduced the electoral reform bill in the Rajya Sabha today. Opposition parties like Congress, CPM, CPI, Trinamool and DMK strongly opposed the bill. Opposition groups called for the beleagured PM to resign. After being suspended, Derek wrote on Twitter (TMC MP Derek O’Brien Suspended), “The last time I was suspended from the Rajya Sabha was for protesting against the bulldozing of the agriculture bill. We all know what happened after that. This bill will also be withdrawn later. “

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Opposing the bill, Trinamool Rajya Sabha leaders Derek and Bryan said the Modi government was trying to silence the opposition. Derek complained that they were being punished for protesting the forced passage of the bill. After that, the Trinamool Rajya Sabha leader threw the rule book at Harivansh who was in charge of the meeting at that time. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the assembly. However, Harivansh, who was in the chair, did not take part in the protests.

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The bill was passed by a resounding vote amid strong opposition protests. The bill was passed in the Lok Sabha yesterday. After being passed in the Rajya Sabha today, there was no more legal complication in the link between Aadhaar card and voter card. Once signed by the President, it will become law. Yesterday, BJP MP Nishikant Dubey said in favor of the bill in the Lok Sabha, “Congress, Trinamool is opposing the bill because, then, the illegal distribution of voter cards to Bangladeshis will stop. There will be cracks in their vote bank.” It will be possible to prevent the people of Bangladesh from being given illegal citizenship. “




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