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#NewJersey: Nowadays kids are good at using electronic devices like mobiles, laptops. Many children do not want to eat if they do not have a mobile phone in their hand while eating. Residents of Netpara are shocked to hear the story of such a two-year-old boy. Why? This is because 22-month-old Ayansh Kumar, a resident of New Jersey, has ordered furniture worth around Rs 1.5 lakh in Indian currency from his mobile. This news has gone viral on social media.

Experts prohibit giving mobile phones to children at various times (Viral News). However, he told the parents to set a deadline. If there is a number or a simple lock on the mobile, nowadays children can easily grab it and learn to do various things quickly by opening the mobile. As a result, it is often opened on various websites through the internet. The same thing happens with Ayansh (Viral News).

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Diaper-wearing Ayansh accidentally ordered an expensive piece of furniture online from his mother’s phone. Sometime later, when I went to see the online shopping cart of that company called Walmart, I saw Aang’s mother Madhu. There is a lot of furniture there. But he did not notice that an order had been made. Ayansh’s father Promoj Kumar said, “It is unbelievable but true.” For their new home, Madhu and Promod would occasionally open the Walmart site and look at the furniture. From there, expensive furniture was ordered at some point.

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Honey and Entertainment can understand, when one box after another starts coming home. Some of them were so big that they did not want to enter the house through the door. Then you see honey in Walmart’s account. Orders have been ordered for multiple things like chairs, tables, flower stands, which are not needed in the house. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, since then, Madhu and Promod have been thinking of keeping their faces locked on their mobiles.

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